We are opening a Moroccan style restaurant and bar and need the whole place decorated largely by simple bench seating with back cushions, 60 meters or more, all in a modern but Moroccan style. There are some other poufs and stools that also need an upholsterer. It is simple stuff so it would suit students to the profession who need the practise on the basics and to use it for their CV. We may also need help sourcing the right priced materials in the styles that suit the theme. We will pay a basic dailey rate in cash but we want to get it done within a couple of weeks and within a tight budget so we need to see some efficiency. We need people who can work on site in Wimbledon preferably. We are sure to have more work following this job as well. Who's in? Call Reggie - 07856 249 248 and we'll get you scheduled to start.

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