The Change was clever, it had begun secretly and alone...

Long before the revelation.

It knew it was being ignored, but it continued to work, chipping away at the facade that was soon to deminish and crumble.

Before it had been intelligent, an academic with high ambition headed for success, but it changed into a predator, dangerous and cunning, headed for prison...

For a long time it had stayed silent and was now accustomed to its new way of life. After all prison wasn't so bad, it was a chance to learn new things and tactics. Plus get some exercise and rest.

Today,The Change had seen the letter it was waiting for and knew it was time to act.

It kept quiet while I dressed, knowing it would be pointless to say anything about the attire I chose.

It stayed silent about the attitude.

It knew this attitude well and as I took the last deep pull on a cigarette, The Change was aware I was only attending to tick the boxes.

So... The Change had decided long ago to start working anyway and just wait for its chance.

As we entered the building, it was accutely aware that it must stay alert and be ready to take its chance.

I had met up with some mates and had been drinking and smoking again on the way here.

Now we were all laughing and talking and joking and an interveiw seemed to be the last thing I had on my mind. The change had to be fast,It had to be effective,It had to be permanent.

The interveiwer was cool,he had seen this kind of rabble plenty of times before.

He was not intimidated.

He explained about the wide choice of subjects that were available, with trained technicians and craftsmen on hand to assist and retrain individuals in up to the minute tecniques and skills, to help get them ready for jobs in cutting edge trade and industry... No one seemed interested.

As The Change followed the interviewer on the tour of the building, it could see I was not interested.

There was no way I was going to believe this rubbish.

Jobs at Brands Hatch my foot. Refridgeration engineer yeah!!!!

"Here we have my department, Upholstery, Reupholstery and soft furnishings an age old craft said to have evolved from the Tentmakers but who knows. Anyway recognised by royal warrant since about 1066 I think".

That was the beginning. Its been 24 yrs since The Change took control of my life and introduced me to the wonderful world of upholstery and soft furnishings. Ive been content and fulfilled ever since.

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