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BBC 2 are currently broadcasting a series called Hidden Treasures, presented by Griff Rhys Jones. He has the enviable task of travelling the globe, meeting, seeing and witnessing the creation of beautiful art & textiles created by some of the poorest people in the world.  I missed Episode 1 & 2 which covered Australian Art and African Art respectively but did catch last nights viewing on Indian Art & Textiles. We were treated to a world of richly embroidered floor cloths and the…


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Seating Sickness

Okay, so we all like to buy old furniture to restore and  we are often asked by students where to find a suitable project to work on in class.  Barnett Upholsteries have put together a small list of auction houses that we know and patronise for your information. If anyone can recommend any other venues, please do.

Sunbury Antiques, Kempton Market is a Bi-monthly antiques market.  For calendar dates and further information, google…


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Best laid plans

Oh what a week, what a week!!  to date one of our busiest.  We planned to be shut but hey when the students come knocking, what can you do?  We get enquiries from an ecclectic group of poeple and aside from the teaching, we have the opportunity to meet some very interesting characters.  This week Vanessa & Gillian came through our doors.  Two lovely ladies who booked a week intensive. Vanessa to strip and recover two chairs and Gillian to make and recover a 6ft deep buttoned headboard…


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Cars, Women & Politicians

Cars, women & politicians. All things you would expect to find in a racey novel. Made in Dagenham, the storey of the Dagenham women who in 1968 took on their bosses at the Ford car plant demonstrates the ability of woman to get stuck in and fight the good fight. The women stitched together the covers on the Cortinias and Zephrys coming of the production line and had to have a minimum of two years machinist experience. Inspite of this, they were not given the same grading or pay structure…


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Her Majesty's Post (To rrrrr-arse..)

In these modern times, the daily ritual of receiving and opening Her Majestys post comes and goes without fanfare. With the advent of email and texts, our postmen & postmistresses are resigned to being bearers of bills, invitations to attend a sale and information on the new American Embassy and the Battersea Power Station developments down the road.

So Sonia brought our post in (usually left in pigeon hole at front reception) and the said ritual was performed, with all…


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Buttoning Technique.

There is a chesterfield in the workshop which has been striped and is in the process of being re-built and recovered. It has been good to watch as the back was being re-built and the buttoning put in. With the stuffing in place on the back, prior to calico, it took on the shape of a large formal hedge, To see the transformation as the buttoning goes in and the sofa is rebuilt bit by bit. Buttoning is really hard on the hands, but I do admire the technique, To manipulate the surface of a…


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What upholstery means to me.

Khalil Gibran, the great sufi poet wrote 'work is love made visible'.

For me that statement holds such resonance when I think of upholstery. It really is hard work. I look at the buttoning on a finished piece and know how I struggled to get each and every one of those buttons in securely, with the pleats to the correct angles (in my eyes), to form the diamond shapes. How I almost cried on my fourth attempt to build the arms in proportion to the chair frame. I also remember how I…


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