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The visit of Bertram Chapman MBE - (Who cares?)

Wow, what a morning/afternoon. Two days ago we received a call in relation to our application to join the AMU. Nothing unusual in that I hear you say. Well the caller was non other than the esteemed genetleman, Bert Chapman MBE. For those of you who have come through the Macbeth Centre for upholstery, the name may be familiar. Bert Chapman holds the title of Master of the Worshipful Company of Upholders 2000-2001. He called to confirm a date and time for him to visit Barnett Upholsteries as the… Continue

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Students Comments on Course

Calling all Barnett Upholsteries students!!

We are in the process of updating our website in relation to the courses we offer. It would be useful for us to have quotes from students who have attended our course(s), which we would then include on our website for prospective students to read.

Would you be kind enough to email us your feedback/comments on the teaching you have received, whether it is value for money and if you would recommend us…

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Buttoning Technique.

There is a chesterfield in the workshop which has been striped and is in the process of being re-built and recovered. It has been good to watch as the back was being re-built and the buttoning put in. With the stuffing in place on the back, prior to calico, it took on the shape of a large formal hedge, To see the transformation as the buttoning goes in and the sofa is rebuilt bit by bit. Buttoning is really hard on the hands, but I do admire the technique, To manipulate the surface of a…


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What upholstery means to me.

Khalil Gibran, the great sufi poet wrote 'work is love made visible'.

For me that statement holds such resonance when I think of upholstery. It really is hard work. I look at the buttoning on a finished piece and know how I struggled to get each and every one of those buttons in securely, with the pleats to the correct angles (in my eyes), to form the diamond shapes. How I almost cried on my fourth attempt to build the arms in proportion to the chair frame. I also remember how I…


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The Change.

The Change was clever, it had begun secretly and alone...

Long before the revelation.

It knew it was being ignored, but it continued to work, chipping away at the facade that was soon to deminish and crumble.

Before it had been intelligent, an academic with high ambition headed for success, but it changed into a predator, dangerous and cunning, headed for prison...

For a long time it had stayed silent and was now accustomed to its new way of life. After all prison…


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