Oh what a week, what a week!!  to date one of our busiest.  We planned to be shut but hey when the students come knocking, what can you do?  We get enquiries from an ecclectic group of poeple and aside from the teaching, we have the opportunity to meet some very interesting characters.  This week Vanessa & Gillian came through our doors.  Two lovely ladies who booked a week intensive. Vanessa to strip and recover two chairs and Gillian to make and recover a 6ft deep buttoned headboard from scratch!  Neither had any previous upholstery experience and both completed their challenges, sorry  projects on time.  Well done Girls!! It is interesting to see how, at the start of the week new students come in, slightly unsure of what to expect, how they will cope with their project and whether they will enjoy the experience, and then to see each one blossom as they progress every stage of their work is enlightening. Upholstery is such an honest and grounding craft that naturally encourages the individual to dig deep and grow. We currently have an 8 month pregnant lady on an 8 week booking, in for 2 half days per week, knock out a chair, blanket box with buttoned top, small gift box (Belgium tradition to fill with chocolates upon the birth of baby) and who is now anxiously rebuilding and recovering a childs high leg Wing chair. No previous experience of upholstery although she does have some craft experience.  We also have a second pregnant lady due to give birth in 10 days, finish work on the wednesday and come in on the Thursday to begin a week intensive course, stripping and recovering her antique stool.  Alex our very first student is back in the house making up noise with a sofa and gwanning like she's bad, but she is! I am impressed with the lady lawyer who trains at the London Met but had to bring this project to Barnett Upholsteries to tackle. (its a paid commission so she has to smash it).  Last but not least we have Kevin. Our consistent male student who has been taking our private classes periodically.   Barnett Upholsteries are now in a position to offer AMUSF Accredited Upholstery Courses and Kevin jumped on the opportunity, asking to do level 1, 2, & 3. It won't be a breeze either.  Bob is a stickler for perfection and will insist he gets it right every time. Maybe thats why the students like him.To see the students in action, take a look at photos album "Best laid plans".

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