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Calgary Acupuncture: Being Cured the Eastern.

If you would check the map of Canada, you should surely find the city of Calgary in it. This well-off Canadian region not only has its heritage to be happy with. A multitude of first class treatment centers are also offered from this fabulous city. In fact, Calgary acupuncture is accessible in this place and this method is slowly conquering the modern world.

The Meaning of Acupuncture

China is the first country that has used and completely established the process of… Continue

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Bathing Suits And Its Types

In contrast to what the general public perceives, being dressed in the right swimsuits on the seaside is essential if you would like to look fantastic. Swimwear is definitely more than just the essential style of outfit to be worn at the beach or when you want to loosen up by the pool.

Wearing bathing suits is actually a wonderful way for ladies to express themselves nowadays. To provide a few examples, a girl who has some kind of a rebellious character can dress in something that will… Continue

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Easy Systems For printers and also ink - The.

Occasionally, printer ink will look different on paper than it does on screen. According to Kodak's press release, the company plans to stop selling its all-in-one inkjet printers sometime in 2013. printers It is good to note that if your cartridges are compatible with your system, then you can get the best printing results. This change has been so drastic that there is no story that has to be left untold. You don't have to be careful only on… Continue

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Head upholsterer needed

We are looking for an experienced Head upholsterer to join and lead our team and in our innovative factory based in Kingston upon Thames. 

The successful applicant will be paid up to £15 an hour and will be manufacturing high end furniture and custom made pieces for its company, Origins Design. who have a retail furniture store with a full design team. 

- The ideal applicant must have people skills and a good understanding of upholstery, the applicant is preferred to have…


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The Greatest Print Organisation In London.

Crucial key elements to tracing Matt Laminating lies with simply how much knowledge one will have on the printing skills and processes. The technological advancements have brought forward the machines and gear that can perform Print Services yet still time keeping tabs while using the quality might be required. The foremost fundamental opening which can ensure that one extends to access Matt Laminating is an style of papers made by the individual will need be published. When digital printing is… Continue

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Go For Our Very Own Team For The Particular.

Coats appear in two designs, unmarried rebated and dual breasted. Single breasted coats consist of 4 in order to six buttons while the dual breasted ones have around 3 buttons. Ideally, you ought use an unmarried breasted waist coating through your lounge suit. The double breasted coat, by contrast, looks best when worn beneath a classy tuxedo. Besides polyester, silk and satin, you will probably come across coats created using supplies like viscose, twill, wool, linen, mohair, flannel,… Continue

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upholstery work sought

hi ,


my name is jason clarke,

i have just opened my own upholstery workshop and now require work to undertake.

i can do all aspects of the traede including traditional and modern.


happy to quote for private customers or sub contract to other companies.


if you have any need them please contact me on 07412-965119 or email me on



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Upholstery tutor wanted

I am the Curriculum Manager for Creative Arts at Bishops Hill in Brentwood (CM13 1BD) and I have a vacancy for an upholstery tutor to take a 10 week beginners course on a Friday morning starting in January, my colleague also has a vancancy for a beginners upholstery class on a Friday afternoon in Basildon which is approximately a 20 minute drive from here. If anyone is interested in discussing either one or both positions please contact me. I am happy to receive enquiries from people with no…


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Upholsterers wanted now !!!!

We are opening a Moroccan style restaurant and bar and need the whole place decorated largely by simple bench seating with back cushions, 60 meters or more, all in a modern but Moroccan style. There are some other poufs and stools that also need an upholsterer. It is simple stuff so it would suit students to the profession who need the practise on the basics and to use it for their CV. We may also need help sourcing the right priced materials in the styles that suit the theme. We will pay a… Continue

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Upholsterer Wanted

Hi There.

I am looking for an upholsterer to cover 2 dining chairs and 2 tub arm chairs. I'm based in West London. Please can you recommend anyone. Thank you.

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Upholsterer required to teach at The Old School Club

Hello! I run the Old School Club, a baby-friendly place in Battersea to learn different crafts & skills such as sewing, crochet, photography, etc. I provide a creche so mums can bring their babies whilst they work or learn a new skill.  One of the courses I wanted to add is upholstery. I have had many enquiries and I think it is a great idea. I am looking for someone that can do an "Basic" upholstery course to start with to run for 2 or 3 hours a week during 4 to 6 weeks (I am open to…


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student to upholster my kids' sofa with a removable cover?

I have a small budget but still it could please a student who would like to test his/her capabilities with creating a removable cover for my kids' small sofa? I would need a cover which I could fit like a pullover onto the sofa, and remove easily to be washed. I have the fabric available, I would need someone to take measurement and a quote. anyone interested? THank you in advance

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Barnett Upholstery

I finished a 2 week intensive training course at Barnett Upholstery.  What a great experience!!  Bob was such a good instructor and I learned so much.  It was nice to be able to work on my project and have Bob there to help me through, but not do the work for me:)  Also, I enjoyed meeting other members of the class.  They had various projects and Bob would take time to show the class a technique that he thought we could all benefit from.  Highly recommend this course if you want to start…


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Upholsterer Needed

Hello fellow upholsterers,


I am looking for an upholsterer to take on quite a large amount of work. I have recently won a contract to re-upholster the furniture for a London restaurant, but the job is too large for me to take on alone. I am looking for a company to take on the work, and I will manage the process, dealing with the client, pick and source all fabrics etc.


The company that takes on the work will need to be able to do a quick turn around on the…


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I promise to ....

BBC 2 are currently broadcasting a series called Hidden Treasures, presented by Griff Rhys Jones. He has the enviable task of travelling the globe, meeting, seeing and witnessing the creation of beautiful art & textiles created by some of the poorest people in the world.  I missed Episode 1 & 2 which covered Australian Art and African Art respectively but did catch last nights viewing on Indian Art & Textiles. We were treated to a world of richly embroidered floor cloths and the…


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Seating Sickness

Okay, so we all like to buy old furniture to restore and  we are often asked by students where to find a suitable project to work on in class.  Barnett Upholsteries have put together a small list of auction houses that we know and patronise for your information. If anyone can recommend any other venues, please do.

Sunbury Antiques, Kempton Market is a Bi-monthly antiques market.  For calendar dates and further information, google…


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Best laid plans

Oh what a week, what a week!!  to date one of our busiest.  We planned to be shut but hey when the students come knocking, what can you do?  We get enquiries from an ecclectic group of poeple and aside from the teaching, we have the opportunity to meet some very interesting characters.  This week Vanessa & Gillian came through our doors.  Two lovely ladies who booked a week intensive. Vanessa to strip and recover two chairs and Gillian to make and recover a 6ft deep buttoned headboard…


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Cars, Women & Politicians

Cars, women & politicians. All things you would expect to find in a racey novel. Made in Dagenham, the storey of the Dagenham women who in 1968 took on their bosses at the Ford car plant demonstrates the ability of woman to get stuck in and fight the good fight. The women stitched together the covers on the Cortinias and Zephrys coming of the production line and had to have a minimum of two years machinist experience. Inspite of this, they were not given the same grading or pay structure…


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Her Majesty's Post (To rrrrr-arse..)

In these modern times, the daily ritual of receiving and opening Her Majestys post comes and goes without fanfare. With the advent of email and texts, our postmen & postmistresses are resigned to being bearers of bills, invitations to attend a sale and information on the new American Embassy and the Battersea Power Station developments down the road.

So Sonia brought our post in (usually left in pigeon hole at front reception) and the said ritual was performed, with all…


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Barnettt Upholsteries offers you training for trade skills




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