I just put two photos up.  I must have messed up the tag as they're both called Image 036, not an attractive description.

One was taken yesterday (March 15 2010) at the Community Education Lewisham Upholstery Workshop (tutored by Melrose Wilson).  This chair is a work in progress, nearing completion after I forget how long.  I'm finally getting the buttoning sorted out....

The other photo is of my first ever piece of work, started in the same workshop a couple of years ago, with Donovan (or Bob) Barnett, the tutor.  This was the first piece of crafts work I have EVER done.  At school, over 40 years ago - I was crap, and avoided the subject.  So this was a big achievement.

I proudly brought the chair home, set it down, came back in the room five minutes later to find one of our cats had claimed it.  Now that's a sign of approval.

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Hey Norman,

Your quiet? How are yu and what have you been up to? we like to know what our fiends are doing so how are you and what projects have you been up to lately. Hows the hide?!!

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